Women’s Program

We Feel Your Pain. God Heals It.

Women struggling with addiction and destructive behaviors are learning to turn from their painful past and discover genuine hope through Christ-centered discipleship. Our year-long program is designed to help women learn how to develop a strong relationship with God and find joy and purpose in life.


Find Help For You or a Loved One

If you or someone you care about is having trouble overcoming the cycle of addiction, contact us today.

Phase 1: Heal a lifetime of pain in less than a year

The Women’s Recovery Program is located in a charming home on an acreage in rural Beatrice, Nebraska. This phenomenally successful, Christ-centered program is designed to help you develop a sense of personal responsibility, self-discipline, and Godly character. For the first 7 months, you’ll bond with other women engaging in group discipleship and character-building classes and receive one-on-one mentoring from compassionate, trained female staff, many of whom have been through the program. You can also receive your GED if needed.

Phase 2: Experience the ultimate high

The final 5-month phase provides the foundation you need to succeed outside of Sheepgate. During this re-entry period, you’ll learn to reacclimate to society, get involved in the community, find full-time employment, and attend a local church.

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