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If you’re struggling with addiction, anger, depression, or other painful issues, you can find hope and healing at Sheepgate — a successful, faith-based recovery program in the heartland. Our highly structured 12-month residential mentoring and Biblically-based teaching program is designed to give you a framework to rebuild your self-worth and overcome life-controlling issues.

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Brian Schroeder

Colfax, Iowa

The real change came the day I walked in the front door. I think the biggest thing that probably changed in my life was my identity issue. I was this shameful drug addict. I always felt like God was mad at me. Coming in here and really meeting Jesus and finding out who he is has changed my life, perspective, and identity. I can promise whoever is struggling today, that if they come in here to this program, that it’s going to change their life.

Chris Buscher

Colfax, Iowa

The moment I walked through the doors, I knew it was something special. They gave me a bible and focused on what was really missing in me. Throughout the next few weeks and months, changes started to happen and I slowly forgot all about this addiction. Not only will Sheepgate change the student’s life, but it also changes their spouse’s life, their children’s life, their parent’s life. It’s a ripple effect that is literally changing generations and altering their future.

Jared Horras

Colfax, Iowa

My addiction caused me to do 8 1/2 years in prison. I was broken and didn’t know anything else to try. My family friend brought up Sheepgate. The breaking point was that no matter what I was going through and no matter what I would tell people, they were always there for me. Being here on campus and having relationships with staff and other students is an amazing opportunity.

Do a complete 180 in under 365 days

Self-destructive and addictive behaviors take years to evolve and building back trust and new disciplines take time. For 12 months we take the time needed to help develop your character, integrity, and confidence. While more traditional programs treat addiction or symptomatic behavior, we get to the root cause of your pain bringing a transformational life change.


Residents are only required to pay a nominal intake fee of $750 upon admittance to the program. And it’s a fraction of the cost of programs with a much lower success rate.

Find Help For You or a Loved One

If you or someone you care about is having trouble overcoming the cycle of addiction, contact us today.


Recovery Rate

By emphasizing a Christian recovery for addiction, Sheepgate has achieved a 70% success rate, compared with a 3-10% success rate at average secular rehab programs.

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