Men’s Program

Like Joining a Family With the Best Dad Ever

For many men, addiction and destructive behaviors start as a way to fill a void only God can, so helping you learn how to develop a strong relationship with the Lord is foundational to our program. Long-term, Christ-centered discipleship helps you move on from past pains and find real meaning and purpose in your life.


Find Help For You or a Loved One

If you or someone you care about is having trouble overcoming the cycle of addiction, contact us today.

Phase 1: Healing Heart Issues in the Heartland

The men’s facility is located in Colfax, Iowa in a former mineral springs resort hotel on a beautiful 80-acre property. During your stay, you’ll have dormitory housing and meals and for the first 7 months, you’ll engage in daily discipleship and character classes in group sessions and receive one-on-one mentoring from trained staff, many of whom have been through the program. Our program helps you develop a sense of personal responsibility, self-discipline, Godly character, and you can even receive your GED if needed. You’ll also develop strong, lasting friendships. To aid in your character development you’ll work and learn tasks such as building maintenance, construction, lawn care, and foodservice.

Phase 2: Lasting relief at last

The final 5-month phase takes place in a beautiful historic home in Omaha, Nebraska. This is a critical stage of the program designed to give you the foundation you need to succeed outside of Sheepgate. During this re-entry period, you’ll learn to reacclimate to society, get involved in the community, find full-time employment, and attend a local church; all while living and growing with others under the structure and security of the Sheepgate program.

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